As we have mentioned before, it is important to learn to discern the things we need from the things we want, as this can make a huge difference in our finances at the end of the month. However sometimes this is not so easy, and our mind can trick us into believing that we actually need all those things we want.

So, here are 3 things that your mind commonly makes you believe you need, but you actually don’t:

Pencil, Pen, Orange, Red, Eraser1.Things that everyone has.

Almost everyone I know has a smartphone, but a friend of mine has been using the same analog phone for the last five years. If you ask her why, her answer is simple: “it still works.” Perhaps you don’t need to go as far as that, but think about it, how many times have you changed something that can still be useful for a more modern replacement just because that’s “what’s on”. This could be anything, the phone everyone is using, the latest skirt on fashion, the supplement everyone is taking, you name it. The questions to ask yourself are: Do I really need these things right now? Do they suit my style/ lifestyle? Would I be as interested in having them if they were not in vogue?

Pencil, Pen, Orange, Red, Eraser2. Things that no one has.

Imagine that you go to one of those antique markets and find a cute little handcrafted table. If it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for and you know exactly where you are going to put it, then that’s great. But if you don’t know what you want it for and just want to buy it because it’s cute and a one-of-a-kind item then think twice. Things that are rare or unique can be very tempting but if you don’t really need them there is no point in buying them. Chances are they will just add to the clutter in your home and the list of expenses in your next statement.

Pencil, Pen, Orange, Red, Eraser3. Things that give you status…and nothing else.

I was window shopping and came across a shop that sells -among other things- bags everywhere around the world. I have to admit that the design of one of the bags was interesting but what really caught my eye was the price, which was far more interesting than the design itself: over 1,600 dollars! All that money just for one bag! I have seen bags in the same shape and size that cost less than one tenth of the price of this bag. Of course those bags don’t bear the logo of any luxurious brand. What does this mean? That when you buy the bag you are paying over a thousand dollars only for the logo? Unless of course the bag is also fluent in German, French and Spanish and comes with soothing music and an aromatherapy relaxation kit (these last two things you will find particularly useful when you open your next credit card statement!). Ask yourself: Do I really need a 1,600 dollar bag? If the answer is yes, then ask yourself: Why? and, Will I be able to comfortably pay for it? Answer these questions sincerely, if you cheat in your answers you will only be cheating yourself.

If after asking yourself all the questions above, you are still in doubt, I recommend you to walk away from the shop and distract your mind for a couple hours. Chances are that you will find the desire has passed and you will no longer feel the need to buy it.

Good luck!

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