This week has been my birthday and I have always taken it as the start of the New Year for me. Which I guess it is, literally speaking!

The days previous to the birthday itself I usually enter into reflective mode and I do a balance of the things that I have done, the things that I wanted to but haven’t and what is it that I want to focus on during the next 365 days.

At the same time, I think it is also good to revisit all the intentions and desires that I had and see if they still make me feel alive and jump with joy when I think of them or if, on the contrary, they weigh me down only by thinking of them.

If they still make me feel joy, I keep them and renew my vows with them.

If, on the contrary, they made my stomach clench and I see them as a burden, I let them go.

I usually do the exercise the night of my birthday, because I feel like the day I was born has a special energy for me and for any new beginnings.

I take a sheet of paper and, on the top, I write: What do I need to let go before I start a new year?

And, under it, I write the three things that, right now, don’t feel as good as they did when I decided them.

After I have written them down, I thank the universe for bringing this desires to my attention and for allowing me to let go of them with ease and grace.

Finally, I burn the page while I focus on setting free the energy I put onto those desires and opening myself to new opportunities.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to let go of things or projects to which we have dedicated lots of time and energy. That’s why it is a very brave thing to let go of them when we feel that they are going nowhere so that we can free that stagnant energy so that we are ready when a new opportunity arises.

What do you need to let go?

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