When you want to have a good relationship with your partner, it is important that you feel comfortable and in harmony with each other. This is because, when you are with your partner and you both interact with each other on a regular basis you become part of each other.

For example, If one of the two of you is troubled for whatever reason, it will have an influence on the other one as well. This could bring tension to the relationship and instead of supporting each other you could end up hurting each other.

On the other hand, if you have a partner with whom you can share meals, special moments and experiences you will both be creating a happy home together.

The energy, positive and negative, accumulates and everything is reflected in the space where you both live.

-Are you living in harmony with your partner?
-Or, if you are looking for a partner right now, does your living space feels “loving”?
-Is your space ready to welcome a new partner?

If you want to change or improve your current “love” situation, it’s time to look at your house from a feng shui perspective.

By using feng shui you will be able to…

Heart, Love, Red, Valentine, RomanticImprove your relationship with your current partner.

Heart, Love, Red, Valentine, RomanticAttract people with the potential to become your partner

Heart, Love, Red, Valentine, RomanticHave the power to move forward (if you have recently ended a relationship).

Feng shui tips for partnership:

-First, draw the floor plan of your house or apartment. Then divide it in 9 squares evenly.

-When viewed as if you were standing at the entrance (with the door behind your back) the area of partnership will be located in the upper right square.

Let’s focus on this area:

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmIf you store things in this area (for example in drawers, or closets) make sure they are clean, well organized and not cramped.

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmDecorate this area with objects that symbolize love to you, for example: angels, hearts, paintings or pictures of couples, etc.

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmDecorate using things in pairs (make sure they are the same size!).

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmIf you already have a partner, put pictures of you and your loved one having a good time together.

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmIf you are looking for a partner, decorate with pictures that represent the ideal couple for you.

Check, Tick, Check Box, Okay, ConfirmDecorate with flowers.

Once you make this changes make sure to keep the area like that for 21 days.

During this time your subconscious will continue its path towards finding a new partner or enhancing the relationship you already have.

Feel the love energy around you!